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Our Modalities

Connected Wellness is the name given to this complete system. One may explore each key modality individually or as a total program with Connected Wellness- Levels I, II, III (and IV-For pro-certification). Each Level is approx. 20 hrs. done in 2.5 hr. weekly classes, weekends or at your convenience. For more detailed descriptions see- FREE Newsletter! (Pricing included in newsletter).

Yoga - Yoga means 'to connect', so anything that is done with the energy and intention of connecting to more of one's Full Potential is a form of yoga. Attend classes or intensives, 1-5 times/wk., 1.5 hrs. each. Here are some familiar types:

Hatha Yoga - the yoga of postures, breath and simple meditation. While many people take up hatha yoga for physical exercise, it's essence is to use consciousness to open the heart.

Complete Yoga - A Lifechanging Experience!

The Wellness Connection teaches a wonderful interdisciplanary style of yoga, combining various styles of hatha yoga, the yoga of action- breath (pranayama) and postures (asana), such as Ashtanga yoga- Power yoga, Iyengar yoga- most common, Kripalu yoga- artistic flow, Viniyoga- therapeutic, Kundalini yoga- energy flow, Yin yoga- subtle body relaxation, as well as other aspects of yoga, such as Bhakti yoga- devotion, Jhana yoga- knowledge (Power of thought, Reflection Principle, etc.), Karma yoga- right action, more advanced methods of breathwork and energywork, Pilates, Chi Yoga and more!

Yoga means "to connect" and the practice of yoga helps us to connect with our full potential, both inside and outside of ourselves. Yoga teaches us to quiet our mind, so we can be still and know. Yoga does this by helping us to reach the deeper layers of ourselves, which can only be done by going beyond our intellect.

People love our style of yoga instruction, as it is so complete, making it very effective in creating desired results- in body, mind, emotions, relationships, etc. The original purpose of (hatha) yoga was as an exercise to use in combination with meditation- which means 'mind-quieting'. A busy mind is stressful, creates dis-ease and blocks wisdom from happening naturally. Yogis, who spent many hours a day sitting in inactivity- much like sitting at a desk!- used yoga to combine physical flexibilty and strength, with mental flexibilty and strength- bringing natural balance. A flexible body and mind allow for an easy flow of life force through oneem, thus, greater health and well-being. Yoga is truly the perfect body/mind exercise, developing spiritual qualities of peace, understanding and fulfillment.

Benefits of doing Complete Yoga- There are eight 'limbs' of yoga. The first two limbs are called- yama and niyama. They have to do with various understandings related to non-harming of the self or others, devotion, realizing that our results are a reflection of our energy, etc. The third limb is asana or the poses/movement in yoga. The fourth is pranayama or the breath, of which there are hundreds of forms. The fifth, six and seventh are the various steps in meditation. And the eighth is samadi or living in bliss, ie- self realization. It is important to not take one aspect out of context from the whole, or one's practice will be less effective, less satisfying and will create injury, as in doing only asana or even doing asana with only a small amount of breath/meditation/understanding. True hatha yoga is a combination of limbs 3-5. There are also many styles of hatha yoga, as mentioned earlier, with some styles working better for certain people/on certain days. It is good to learn a variety, as each empowers the other. At The Wellness Connection, we teach all eight limbs and many styles, as well as adding other related areas, such as Pilates, Chiyoga, advanced levels of breathwork, discussion, other energy understandings, diet, lifestyle, inspiring events, and more.

Results of Complete Yoga- are found on all levels in life- mental, emotional, physical, in relationships with people, with money, etc., including: stress reduction, relaxation, clarity, creativity, builds trust, self esteem, productivity, motivation, wisdom, centeredness, helps you express your True Self, keeps you positive and in the now, helps to let go of what you don't want and attract/allow in what you do want, heals anger, good communication- listening/speaking from the heart, creates synchronicity-being in the right place and time, creates more effective use of energy/time, teaches how to let go of victimhood/blame, all of these things are useful in creating satisfying relationships with people and with money/career. On the physical plane: helps to prevent and heal all areas of physical expression of blocked energy- heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, inflexibility, back problems, all body pain related issues, anxiety, asthma, digestion problems, depression, diabetes, addictions, insomnia, all female/male issues, including pre-post natal, sinus, headache, weight issues, colds/flu, vision, disease in kidneys, liver, thyroid, nervous/immune disorders and many more.

The amenities of our studio are top quality, from excellent music and lighting, to all the accessories. Our instructors are all certified and bring their own expertise and unique flavor to each class. The Wellness Connection provides a very supportive and nurturing environment.

Pranayama or Life Force Yoga - is an aspect of hatha and is about learning how to consciously use the incredible power in the breath to clear out of one's system simple to serious layers of negative energy/stress that causes one's system or life situations to express illness/undesired results and then, to connect with one's full Potential. Our hatha yoga classes include many basic pranayama or see our Breathwork section.

There is energy in our thoughts, emotions, which can be transformed into health and fulfillment with forms of energy medicine- as with the breath. We emphasize the breath at our center, as breath is the most powerful purification system we have. Lack of oxygen is the cause of nearly all dis-ease, whether it is physical, emotional or situational.

We emphasize the breath at our center, as breath is the most powerful purifier available to us all. Lack of oxygen is the cause of nearly all dis-ease, whether it is physical, emotional or situational. It can be part of the same paragraph, with the words after it, so our thought patterns create it, but our breath can correct what we do not want. Why? Because the breath connects our mind/body to Spirit. Breath means spirit in most all languages! Our breath is the only way we can balance out our sympethetic and parasympethetic nervous systems- this imbalance causes every dis-ease under the sun.

Kundalini and Tantra Yoga- both of these forms teach us how to better utilize the energies locked in our lower chakras and use them toward empowerment in our lives.

Karma Yoga - is about selfless service and understanding what you give, you receive.

Jhana Yoga - the yoga of knowledge and understanding more effective ways of using energy, results, thoughts, emotions, written processes, books, discussion, etc.

Abyhenga yoga - self oil massage

Bhakti yoga - the yoga of love energy and devotion is the root of all yoga. Learning how to develop and work effectively with this energy is profoundly powerful.

Yoga of Walking - brings together hatha yoga, meditation and aerobics into one exercise. Releases stress and related illness, vitalizes and overall enhances total health.

Meditation - We instruct clients in a few different styles of meditation, reaching various levels of mind-quieting and effectiveness. Most meditations are taught in a two part instruction of 2 hrs. each.

Connected Silence - a simple mantra/sutra meditation., the traditional style of meditation. It uses a meaningless mantra. A mantra is a vibrational sound used in this case, silently, to help center and bring each person to deeper levels of stillness and stress release. Sutras or positive energies are then used to further stabilize and empower the meditation.

Bhakti Meditation - An advanced form of meditation uses a meaningful mantra, and sutras, as well. This form of meditation is deeply unstressing and empowering.

Attman, Param Attman, Bhagavan - Various realizations during meditation. (See Meditation Teacher Training under Pro-Certification.)

Chanting - is saying or singing sacred, powerful words. The words have a positive energy vibration that create healing and empowerment.

Others - Breath meditation- uses one's natural breath as a center of awareness. Moving meditations of various types, such as the yoga of walking.

Breathwork - The breath is considered to be the most powerful form of healing and personal success on the planet. Clients may attend a Connected Wellness Level I, II or III training, a workshop-2-3 hrs. or do private sessions-2 hrs., depending on the level of breathwork/effectiveness desired. See Free Newsletter!

Heartbreathing - A pocket tool to use throughout the day whenever needed. The foundation behind many of the advanced forms of breathwork. Learn it for FREE!

Affirmational Breathwork - An intermediate level of breathwork. Used as a daily practice or a couple of times/week. See Products.

Connected Breathwork - Uses beginning- advanced breathing techniques, body awareness, Connected Bodywork, emotional healing, loving responsibility, positive intention skills, forgiveness, trust, etc., to reach deep layers of negative energy/stress that has been piling up for many years and effectively and enjoyably releases it, so one may create the life they want. Profoundly effective. Requires an 8 private session min. for personal use.

Kundalini Breathing - A variation of advanced breathwork that aids in releasing stuck energy. A part of Connected Breathwork.

Core Breathing - Can be used separately, with hatha or as a part of Connected Breathwork.

Rebirthing - Another advanced form of breathwork that helps the client to heal negative energies, especially related to the energies present at the early stages of life/birth, as they form the foundation that creates the rest of our life experience. Releasing these stuck energies creates awesome results. 8 private session min.

Bodywork - We provide various types of bodywork, from Reiki to other forms of physical body stress release/pain reduction, we call Connected Bodywork, which combines aspects of Reiki, Feldenkris, Alexander Technique, Body Harmony and Unlimited Bodywork. Included with Connected Breathwork sessions. Separate bodywork only private sessions are available

Nutrition and other Conscious Living skills - This is included in Connected Wellness Levels I-IV. We discuss organically grown foods and their importance, as well as how to buy, prepare and eat in a conscious way, using positive intention. We also discuss proper foods/herbs/etc. for the individual, their system and goals. Ayurveda, Feng Shui, Thought Creates Results- Loving Responsibility/ Reflection Principles, silence in nature, exercise, other energywork, color, aroma, sound, gems, grounding, healthy boundaries, forgiveness processes, prayer, Course in Miracles, positive intention, understanding negative results and how to transform them most effectively, trust, patience, using your full potential and expressing your True Self, still other spiritual connection, spiritual growth processes and modalities of holistic medicine. More detailed descriptions in our Free Newsletter!

Other Modalities - We can also provide you treatment sessions/training in other modalities, such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Homeopathy, Massage Therapy, Sweat Lodge, other indigenous systems, Herbology, Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, etc., as a part of the Connected Wellness system. We also work directly with medical doctors who are active in more natural modern medical care.